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Funll Member Refund Agreement

Scope of refund

1. If Funll automatically debits the payment account bound by the user without the user's knowledge, it should refund the user.

2. Due to the technical reasons of Funll products, the user is repeatedly deducted when purchasing Funll product services, and the user should be refunded.

3. Due to the technical reasons of Funll products, the user has paid, but has not enjoyed the corresponding product service purchased for more than one hour (paid video over 5 minutes), and the user should request a refund, and the user should be refunded , but the user needs to provide proof of payment.

4. Due to the technical reasons of Funll products, the service purchased by the user is irreversibly affected. When the user applies for a refund, the user should be refunded and compensated, but the user needs to provide corresponding information to ensure that the affected The phenomenon exists objectively.

5. In the case of misleading users due to Funll products or wrong explanations by staff, causing users to recharge incorrectly, the user should be refunded and compensated when the user files an application.

2. Non-refundable scope

1. Due to the subjective reasons of the user, when purchasing Funll products and services, there are cases of wrong purchase or over-purchase, and refunds cannot be supported.

2. If a user applies for a refund due to a problem with a single privilege or a single video of the Funll video membership service, the refund cannot be supported, but appropriate compensation can be given. As stated in the video membership terms, Funll has the right to add or delete video membership privileges and videos without informing the user, and the user has accepted the terms when signing up for the video membership.

3. Due to irresistible factors (such as earthquakes, fires, network interruptions, etc.), the Funll product service purchased by the user is abnormal or unavailable within a short period of time, and if it exceeds one day or more, Funll is obliged to provide for the user when the user submits an application. The user prolongs the service and gives compensation as appropriate, but the refund application made by the user cannot be supported. If it is less than one day, communication and explanation will be the main processing method.

4. Funll provides different video membership privileges and video membership videos in different regions or terminals. Due to the change of the user's location or terminal, some functions of the video membership service cannot be used or some content cannot be watched, and the user's refund application cannot be supported.

5. If the user purchases the Funll video membership service through non-Funll official channels and the authorized distribution channels announced by Funll to the user, if there is any problem, the refund application cannot be supported. Users are advised to claim from the purchase channel to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

6. After 72 hours of problems with the purchased Funll products and services, and the problem cannot be reproduced, it is deemed that the user has automatically waived the right to apply. When the user applies for a refund, Funll cannot support it. Compensation may be given as appropriate.

7. If due to technical reasons of Funll’s products, the display of products and services purchased by users is abnormal, but does not affect the use of products and services, Funll is obliged to repair the problem for users in a timely manner, but the refund application submitted by users cannot be supported.

8. For the purchase of corresponding Funll products and services through special payment methods (including but not limited to gold coins and password cards), if the user submits a refund application, cash refunds cannot be supported. The chopsticks password card channel returns a new card of equivalent value to the user in the form of a chopsticks password card.

9. In order to ensure that the refund arrives at the user's designated account correctly, the refund application user is obliged to provide Funll staff with relevant information such as refund account number, name, Funll account number, purchase order number, etc. If they refuse to provide, Funll has the right not to grant Refund.

3. Refund method

1. Alipay payment users:Return to the Alipay account via the original route: Funll refund processing cycle (1-2 days),

2. Chopsticks password card payment users:

A. The chopsticks password card obtained from the official channel of Funll, if there is an abnormality during use, you can consult with the online customer service

B. The distribution form of the chopsticks password card issued by the cooperative merchant is not controlled by our company. For the abuse of the chopsticks password card, our company has the right to stop the use of the chopsticks password card at any time, and no refund will be given in such cases. Please seek compensation from the card issuer.

Effective date: February 10, 2023

Reminder: The refund cycle is for your reference only, and the specific refund cycle may be affected by relevant factors such as banks and payment institutions.